Winning Awards – Representing Roundarch as a Laureate in Innovation

Over the last several years, our teams at Roundarch have had many unique opportunities to devise and execute truly innovative solutions for clients.  Many of the companies that we work with seek out our services when they feel they need to break new ground or create a positive disruption and sometimes even defy the status quo.

When our clients find success, the formula most often begins with an exceptionally well-crafted strategy supported by Roundarch’s ability to deliver on user experience; visual and technical solutions that ultimately help set them apart from their competition or solve their business problems.

This formula for success is illustrated in the work we’ve done for clients including: The New York JetsHBOBloomberg SportsAvisAlinea and others. We have also recently had the good fortune to be recognized for our efforts by an industry leading organization. Last week, I was notified that Roundarch would be honored as a 2011 Laureate in Innovation, an award given by the Computerworld Honors Program.  For more than two decades, the Computerworld Honors Program has recognized individuals and organizations that create and use information technology to promote and advance public welfare, contribute to the greater good of society and change the world for the better.

Roundarch will receive this award in recognition of an initiative that is several years in the making and is a product of the Roundarch “Labs” program that I have the responsibility of managing.

The technology at hand has been at the center of several of our most innovative customer solutions and offers many opportunities to enable forward-thinking user experiences across the many channels of digital content/devices that have (and continue to) emerge.  The technology, better known as Device Connectivity Framework or DCF is a proprietary technology developed by Roundarch.

Our DCF technology seeks to enable cross-device / cross-language /cross-OS and cross-network interactivity between software applications, providing a starting point for our developers to create applications on any platform that can easily interact with applications on any other platform, taking much of the heavy lifting out of the device-to-device communication.

The Computerworld Honors Program specifically recognized our use of DCF technology in a situation where we utilize it as the enabling technology for software that we also developed for use within the mobile phone industry – by carriers and device manufacturers.

It’s an honor to be recognized as a 2011 Laureate, taking a spot next to other well-known organizations such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Siemens who were also named as Honors Laureates this year.

I’d like to congratulate everyone at Roundarch, especially those who have contributed to the success of our DCF technology. I’d also like to thank those who’ve been willing to place trust in the processes related to innovation and the incubation of emerging concepts and technologies.

Here’s to the future.