An Award Winning Creative Executive known for Experience Innovation.

An award-winning creative executive with a hybrid background spanning design, technology and business leadership

An award-winning creative executive with a hybrid background spanning design, technology and business leadership

I am an award-winning, executive with a unique,  background that includes experience across product and service design, experience innovation, emerging and experience technologies along with over two decades of team building and  agency and professional services business management.

  • I have worked across every aspect of our the industry, and have experience across the core functions of agency and consulting business operations.
  • My clients span the Fortune 500, hitting almost every major industry sector - the common thread among them is a desire to push their customer experience through the strategic use of creative solutions.
  • Have co-founded three different businesses, each unique in their offering and early in their respective fields.
  • In 1995, become the design and customer experience lead of our small,  regional ISP that eventually become one of the first independent providers of national internet access and eventually evolved into an early player in  XD and digital professional services.
  • In 2005, Co-founded one of the first dedicated experience design firms, EffectiveUI (EUI), which was subsequently renamed to "Effective" after being acquired by WPP.
  • I have spoken at countless industry events, have been the subject of a multitude of interviews on digital experience, was recognized as a 40 over 40 by Campaign Magazine, am a member of the Fast Company Executive Board and have received many industry awards.

I currently serve as EVP, Chief Innovation Officer & Head of Experience Design & Innovation at Dentsu Creative. Over 15 years, my role has evolved and my responsibilities have expanded from managing emerging technology and innovation consulting offerings at Isobar (Dentsu's digital experience agency) to now being a part of our executive leadership team across the parent organization.

I have been involved in all functions of executive leadership and responsible for innovation and experience delivery teams while never backing away from the work. I love getting into the work with teams, helping to sell and deliver incredible work.  Current client clients include Intel, General Motors, Diego, Northrop Grumman, American Express, Herbalife, Shiseido, and various other brands.

  • Along with Americas practice lead role, I also serve in the capacity as Global Chief Innovation Officer for the group and did so historically for Isobar, a well- regarded, global digital experience agency brand inside of Dentsu.
  • Serve as Member of Dentsu Creative Americas Executive Leadership Team and Dentsu International’s Senior Leadership Team.
  • Deeply involved as a consultant/advisor and SME to Dentsu Ventures and help provide input on investment strategy as it relates to experience design, emerging technology and experiences, innovation, Web 3.0 and  other areas.
  • I work regularly with the DII (Dentsu Innovation Initiative) to design and scale new ways for the organization to work with the companies in our investment portfolio.
  • I Oversee Relationship / Membership as Consortium members of the MIT Media Lab and have served as primary member Liaison for 10 years.
  • Responsible for the successful evolution and scale of Isobar's global innovation initiative (Isobar “Nowlab), growing the program from 3 to 23 locations in 6 years, orchestrating the global emerging experience and innovation network for Isobar/ Dentsu.
  • Led the design of  global innovation services offering - a design-led approach to product, service and business design.
  • >Oversee daily operations for a large services practice focused on Experience Design, Innovation and emerging concepts, including staffing, resourcing, solution development, and other elements necessary to bring a geographically dispersed team connected and collaborating.

Since the mid-1990s, I have been working to push the status quo and bring forward-thinking digital experiences to Life. My passion for interactive art, human-computer interaction, experience design and the wonderment that comes to life when creativity and technology come together to evolve the human experience.

With experience comes maturity and I've become well versed in the underlying processes, procedures and considerations necessary to commercialize experience innovations. 

  • I am a senior  executive member of Dentsu’s Web 3.0 steering committee and  considered to be the organization's primary SME on Metaverse, immersive experiences and spatial computing concepts.
  • Led the design and innovation team responsible for bring Heineken’s “Heineken Silver” launch to life in the Metaverse. This project, launched in Decentraland is considered by the brand as the biggest and most successful launch in the history of their brand.
  • Executive lead guiding the   team to formulate the Metaverse strategy for Intel, culminating in an in-depth plan that ranges from digital asset management, legal, finance, technology, marketing and customer experience considerations and guidance.
  • Executive sponsor across all 3D, virtual and augmented reality experiences for Northrop Grumman, creators of the James Webb Space Telescope as we work across all digital platforms to create immersive experiences that bring the insights from NASA to the public, with our partners who created this incredible invention.
  • Currently lead the team working with a major automotive manufacturer as we redefine  the customer experience across digital channels and journeys - from in-market to ownership experiences.
  • Executive sponsor of our organization's virtual production studio capability and championing ongoing design and development of both live , hybrid and virtual event offerings.
  • Spearheading the strategic formation and leadership of relationships with experience technology partners including  larger players like Unity, Nvidia, Epic Games as well as startups with compelling offerings in this emerging space.
  • Have led our thought leadership on Web 3.0, Metaverse and emerging experience topics.
  • Headed up the the team and served as executive partner to Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) to create the “first music video in the Metaverse”. This included the orchestration of various partner organizations including Microsoft, Google, Viacom and Dentsu. I served as the Executive Producer on the output of these relationships:  “Aeronaut”, winner of a 2018 Cannes Lions Grand Prix in Digital Craft, Webby Award for motion graphics, a Clio, and several other prestigious industry awards. (Watch on YouTube)
  • Envisioned and led the team in the creation of “MindSight XR” - The first biometric analytics platform for virtual and augmented reality experiences and used to gauge real-time emotional response in users/players of immersive experiences.
  • Led the team behind Wyndham Resorts’ “Vacationality” VR platform - a photo-real, room-scale immersion platform intended to transport prospects across the globe to brand-owned resort locations.
  • Formed strategic design relationship with Meta as it applies to evolved immersion and advanced Metaverse concepts.

In addition to my experience leading immersive content and technology initiative, I have worked across just about all aspects of our business and have led the design and development of transformational platforms.

With 28 years of experience pushing the limits of digital experiences with Fortune 500 clients, I’ve got an excellent reputation for my leadership in selling, planning, designing and delivering innovative, digitally focused products, services and platforms. Some examples:

  • Motorola/Google - Responsible for leading the initiative to modernize device support CX flows and corresponding technologies, including customer self service diagnostic tools, Web-based retail device support platform and integrated tools designed for integration in Telco partner support centers. was sold to 3rd party partner
  • Google: unified CX strategy for hardware - Starting with Google ATAP and Project ARA, the prototype modular phone, I led the team on the experience design for this product, which evolved into a program to help identify a next-generation model for cross-channel hardware service and support for Google’s hardware division.
  • ViacomCBS - Design program to identify opportunities for IP expansion into digital experience and product and service platforms, culminating in the creation of several emerging business concepts with global partners.
  • HBO - Worked as the innovation and emerging experience lead for several of HBO’s streaming client applications. Starting with an overhaul of and culminating with the design of a conceptual platform for the future of HBO digital interactivity and brand experiences.
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