Innovation, Invention and The Woz

Steve Wozniak really is a pretty cool guy.

Not like I have ever hung out with him, or know anyone that has, But…

From everything I’ve ever read about the guy, or interviews I’ve seen or heard, he really does come across as a unique, interesting and thoughtful person. As a fan of what he’s done in his career, and the thoughts that he has about technology, business, invention, global issues and just life in general, I was happy to run across this video of a quick interview with him. It is always refreshing to be re-inspired by someone who’s done such amazing things in their life.

The interview, conducted by CIO magazine (I think), takes place at a robotic competition in Boston (Which I think is the FIRST competition). I wasn’t really even looking for this video, but stumbled across it doing a Google search for robot-related things. (more on that at another time).

Is Steve Wozniak this cool all the time?