Top-Level Domains: Strategies and Tactics for Dealing with the Changes Ahead

I was recently asked to chime in on the subject of the upcoming changes to top level domains and how they might impact brands – and what thoughts I have on how brands should or should not think about new TLDs as part of their overall digital strategy. For those that aren’t aware, The internet as we know it is about to undergo a massive change. So far, the vast landscape of the internet has been organized according to web addresses that follow generic categories like .com, .org or .net. This upcoming year, ICANN will be removing restrictions on domain names and applicants will be able to bid for an unlimited number of possible names. This means that individuals and corporations will be faced with the challenge of marking their territory online.

We at Roundarch Isobar have been thinking through these developments and discussing them with clients for several years. As a digital agency, we believe the changes in top-level domains will have a broad effect that will influence users’ experience with a brand. It is imperative that organizations develop a strategy for staking their claim on the internet because once the new names take effect, they will be permanent and may have wide reaching consequences. A “wait and see” strategy is no strategy at all.

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