Dave Meeker

It may be apparent from my lack of blog posts that I’ve been quite busy over the last couple of years and have not had the time necessary to update this site as I had wished.  What was once a place to regularly share ideas on technology, design, and business, I now use this Web site as more of an archive of talks/lectures, interviews and occasional musings on things I find interesting.

For about a decade, I’ve worked with the incredibly talented team of people at Isobar (formerly Roundarch) in the US. Since we were acquired by Aegis Media a few years ago, I’ve also picked up additional global responsibilities related to Innovation, including overseeing the Isobar Nowlab initiative. I manage our relationship with the MIT Media Lab, help various client teams develop forward-thinking products and services, oversee client relationships and accounts as a client partner and help to manage the development of new agency capabilities.

As a client partner, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to professionally consult on trends related to technology, consumer behavior and what businesses need to be thinking about over the next few years to serve their customers in a rapidly changing world.  These clients include brands that range from GM to Adidas, NBC Universal to HBO, Motorola to Samsung and, for the last year, my main focus has been – the Advanced Technology and Product group at Google.

I tend to keep my LinkedIn profile updated with my professional background and information, should you be curious about any of that.

Have something to discuss? Want to talk shop? Share war stories? Embark on a new venture? Need advice? I’d love to hear from you.